• Formerly Known as DPI SIMBA LTD / SIMBA PLASTICS ( Since 1963 )
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Values & Commitment

Our Values We believe our Vision and Mission can best be accomplished by recognizing and effectively meeting our Values. Our Values are our fundamental responsibilities towards our Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers and Society. We recognize our Values and while effectively translating our Values into action, we conduct ourselves with utmost integrity, adhering to the highest standards of ethical and just conduct. Our Commitments to stakeholders are:

To Our Customers We are committed to

  • Delivering high quality products and services that meet customer needs.
  • Continued investment in emerging with innovative products and services that give value for money to customers. Attending to customer’s needs promptly and effectively.
  • To establish progressive and long standing relationship with customers.
To Our Employees We are committed to

  • Attracting and retaining capable people
  • Treating employees with dignity and respect
  • Providing employees with challenging work in an open and participatory environment
  • Encourage Creativity and Innovation in every aspect of the work
  • Evaluating Performance in a fair and objective manner
  • Providing growth opportunities to all within the group organisations
  • Encouraging employees to make suggestions to improve the effectiveness of the organisation.
  • Providing healthy, safe and enjoyable work environment.
To Our Shareholders We are committed to

  • Provide an attractive return to our shareholders
  • Take prudent risks to achieve sustainable long-term organisational growth.
To Our Suppliers We are committed to

  • To dealing with our suppliers and all business partners in a fair and equitable manner, recognizing our mutual interest.
  • Facilitate suppliers develop in their business wherever possible.
  • To establish progressive and long standing relationship with suppliers.
To Society We are committed to

  • Being a good corporate citizen.
  • Supporting efforts aimed at up-liftment and good of the society where possible.
  • Encouraging and developing indigenous talents.