• Formerly Known as DPI SIMBA LTD / SIMBA PLASTICS ( Since 1963 )
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Gas Sector

Tanzania upstream Oil & Gas sector is currently enjoying a boom followed by major discovery of natural gas. We service the sector with PE orange gas pipe designed for use in the natural gas distribution. It provides corrosion free and leak free piping system for transporting gas. PE Gas Pipe is an excellent choice due to its proven track record due to it’s ease of installation.


Gas Distribution

PREMIUM PRODUCTS FOR GAS DISTRIBUTION- Simba Pipe Industries Ltd specialize in all types of supplies & services
related to the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Polyethylene Orange Gas Pipe

    Our product Polyethylene orange gas pipe is preferred choice for natural gas distribution. We offer pipe that
    is flexible, lightweight, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Our product provide superior corrosion, chemical
    resistance, are available in coils and straight lengths in the size range from 20mm to 630mm as per ISO 4437
    standards (SDR 11,13.6,17,21,26).

    Polyethylene orange gas pipe is manufactured with 100% prime virgin resin.

  • Fittings: Electro Fusion

    Mechanical fittings used to join Polyethylene gas pipe & tubing. We offer our customers the most complete range
    of electro fusion fittings.

    • Electrofusion Tapping Tee – SDR 11 (ISO S5)
    • Flexi Fit Tapping Tee – SDR 11 (ISO S5)
    • Electrofusion Coupler – SDR 11 (ISO S5)
    • Electrofusion Reducer – SDR 11 (ISO S5)
    • Electrofusion Equal Tee – SDR 11 (ISO S5)
    • Electrofusion End Cap – SDR 11 (ISO S5)
    • Electrofusion Elbow – SDR 11 (ISO S5)
    • Branch Tapping Saddle, Female BSP threaded with stainless steel insert
    • Pe- Metal Transition Coupler with Stainless Steel Threaded Insert as per ISO: 10838
    • Pe Brass transition fittings suitable for Electrofusion – SDR 11 (ISO S5)
  • Tools & Accessories
    • Magnetic tape, cutters riser brackets
    • Transition fittings
    • Gas capital equipments – Pressure reducing stations (PRS), tooling & Welding equipments for electro
      fusion & butt welding & other associated sundries.

Drill Bits

We supply wide range of drilling fluids & chemicals for Oil & Gas Projects. Our range of drilling fluids and
chemicals includes but not limited to

  • Drilling Fluids & Chemicals
    • Biocides/Scavangers
    • Clean Up Chemicals
    • Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Drilling Mud Lubricants
    • Drilling Polymers
    • Oil based Mud Additives
    • PH Control Agents
    • Shale Stabilizers/Inhibitors
  • OCTG

    Simba Pipe Industries Ltd offers wide range of Casings, Drill Pipes, Line Pipes, Tubing along with its accessories from
    our OEM partners.

    Casing Specification (Seamless & ERM Casings)

    OD Starting from 4 ½” to 30”
    Grade Wide range of J/K55, L/N80, C90, C95, P110, Q125, High alloy & Chrome
    Threads All API Threads, Premium Threads Selected Proprietary Connections & Quick Connect Casings

    Drill Pipes

    OD Starting from 2 ⅜” to 6 ⅝”
    Grade Wide range of E-75, G-105, S-135 & Others
    Toll Joints All API and selected proprietary high torque tool joints.

    Line Pipes

    OD Starting from ⅛” to 28”
    Grade As per client’s requirements
    Toll Joints Bevelled, Square cut, Threaded/ Flanged Applicable Standard API 5L, ASTM, ASME, etc

    Tubing Specifications

    OD Starting from 1.050” to 4½”
    Grade Wide range of J/K55, N80, L80, C90, C95, P110
    Threads All API Threads & Premium Threads

Specialized Engineering Services

DPI SIMBA having a tie up with INFRA ENERGY SERVICES to provide Specialized engineering services. We
function as third party coordinator between company and supplier to provide customized solutions to our clients
on their requirements.

  • Oil & Gas Sector

    Subsea Pipeline Cathodic protection survey

    We have so far undertaken 80,000 KM of pipeline inspection works for oil and gas industry across various
    continents (Asia, Europe, Middle East , Africa). All our works are CSWIP certified.

    Hot Tapping Solution

    This is an Engineering solution whereby we are able to make a new tie-in without the need for production down
    time for an ongoing Plant which is operating under pressured environment (Gas Plant/ Refinery / Nuclear Plant).

    Line Stopping Solution

    This is again an Engineering Solution through which we isolate a pipeline without production down time in an
    Operating Industry.

    On Site Machining Solution

    Here we are able to undertake machine shop repair works on site (flange facing, pipe cutting and beveling, milling,
    line boring, decommissioning services including diamond wire, water jet & band saw cutting.

    Under Pressure Leak Sealing Solutions

    Here we are able to effect a seal on a leaking component without the need for down time and lost production.

    Provision of 2D/ 3D Survey works for Oil and Gas exploration Industries

    With our associates, we are able to undertake complete seismic survey for Oil and Gas exploration Industries in

    Supply, Installation and monitoring of Meteorological System with REAL Time reporting

    Here we are able to provide complete solution for Meteorological system and facilities as below (Refer attached
    presentation – Environment Monitoring).

  • Port Authority

    Oil spill detection and monitoring system

    Together with our Associate “SeaDarQ” we are able to provide complete REAL Time Oil spill detection and
    Monitoring system in any port area. Along with said Oil spill detection system, it can also provide real time
    hydrographic data to the port authorities. This whole system can easily be integrated to the existing Radar system
    of the port and complete data will be available to the user.

    Waste Oil reception and treatment

    We are able to provide complete port waste treatment facility in all major ports in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam,

    Provision of all inclusive marine security system

    We are able to provide an all-inclusive marine security solution for ports.
    These facilities have already been implemented by us in various US Navy / Coast Guard Naval bases across
    different continents including Middle East, Europe and Asia

    Supply of specialized, purpose built Marine Crafts

    Our Associate organization “Unique Hydra” is based in Cape Town – South Africa. Through this organization we
    are able to provide you with specialized, purpose built Marine Crafts (Survey boats, Medical Boat etc).

    Installation of Buoys, Port Fenders

    We are able to supply and install all types of Marine Buoys, Fenders etc for Jetty set up and other such works
    across Tanzania. We have our tie up with “Trellaborg” & “Corrila” of Europe who are the biggest and most reputed
    supplier of such Buoys, Fenders , Marine Crafts etc.